Saturday, December 9, 2017

Real Man versus Former Man

As if sissy needed any more proof of her weakness in the company of her wife’s boyfriend, when he did this to her the first time, sissy understood that any remaining vestige of her manhood had all but evaporated...

She Likes To Watch

When sissy’s wife allows sissy her one minute of release for the month and then watches as sissy desperately attempts to finish within her allotted time.

It's Different For Men

Sissy learned time and again that there were things her wife would do with the men she brought home that she would never do with sissy.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sissy's Wedding Night

Sissy’s wedding night isn’t turning out exactly as she’d expected.  To begin with, her wife set the ground rules for their marriage right away, inviting her boyfriend along for their honeymoon.  Now, instead of sissy consummating her marriage, she’s fluffing her wife’s boyfriend, who’ll handle the honors of consummating the marriage.